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Cultural Assistance

CMC - Worldwide network of consultants and trainers. Helping international organizations bridge cultural differences or use them to strategic advantage. Intercultural management coaching.
Synergistic group of global specialists providing information, country reports, articles, tips, helpful links and resources about the Pacific Rim. Based USA.
Providing culture training and management consulting for an international business environment. Based in Munich and New York.
Culture Shock! Consulting's holistic approach to cross-cultural training is based on goal of lowering anxiety level of international assignees and families by providing practical tools to deal with any new culture.
On-line information from UK business-culture training group. Training to help you understand and be understood - no matter what barriers you face in communicating effectively across borders.
A knowledge and learning community for all those professionally interested or involved in intercultural business and management communication. Based in Germany.
Intercultural expertise online. Intercultural training game that tests your intercultural knowledge and increases your cultural competence for living and working in a global environment.
Cross-Cultural Training, Marketing, Integration & Liaison Services Provided by Professional Anthropologists. Ethnographic Market Research. Intercultural Research.
The European Journal for Intercultural Communication is a peer reviewed journal for intercultural communication, education and training - from a European perspective.
Dedicated to assist organisations and individuals 'grow' their 'cultural capital' - the ability to grow successfully across cultures. London based.
International management consultancy based UK specialising in international cross-border communication and use of languages in Europe. Undertakes research on use of languages in business.
International training & consulting firm in Holland assisting organizations crossing cultural borders, helping people of all cultures to enhance professional effectiveness & interpersonal competence as they communicate & cooperate in international diverse environment.
Publisher of books and other resources about intercultural communication issues, special emphasis on cross-cultural training.
Provides international businesspeople as well as the leisure international traveler with the most up-to-date and useful cross-cultural information available.
MACC offers variety of Japanese cross-cultural courses to suit clients of all abilities. Programs are structured to meet individual corporate requirements and objectives. Basic support in penetrating Japanese market.
Brings together diverse group of educators & researchers from 5 tertiary institutions in Europe sharing a common interest: simulations and games to foster creativity & richness of cultural diversity and address the challenges facing Europe.
Provides communication, presentation & protocol skills for success in international business & social arenas.
American-European Cross-Cultural Differences, English Language Seminars & Translations, Global Business Consulting, Negotiation and Public Speaker Training, with Products and Services promoted on website.
SIETAR Europa is the European arm of SIETAR, representing the European perspective. Various SIETAR groups hold NGO status at United Nations or are recognised by the Council of Europe.
SIETAR Europa is the Japanese arm of SIETAR, representing the Asian perspective. Its purpose is to foster intercultural communication & co-operation through promotion of intercultural education, training and research in Japan.