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Promotes the sale of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, establishing related standards, and technical development of these tapes.
Represents American brush manufacturers through enhancing industry knowledge and providing networking opportunities.
Trade association representing metallurgical coke producers, tar distillers, sales agents, and suppliers to the industry.
Trade organization representing American manufacturers in the hardware industry and sponsor of the National Hardware Show and Building Products Exposition held in conjunction with International Hardware Week.
A Washington D.C. based trade organization promoting the worldwide buying and selling of steel.
A not-for-profit group of manufacturing professionals who share their experience so that North American manufacturing may become more competitive.
An association of American manufacturers that provides members with information on technical developments, training methods, economic issues, and trade and marketing opportunities and encourages higher safety and technical standards.
Develops and implements laws, regulations, standards and enforcement policies for regulating the manufacture, distribution and sale of animal feeds.
Provides market statistical services, export assistance, legislative support, industry education, strategic information services for construction equipment manufacturers.
Source of information about home appliances and the industry organization that represents the manufacturers of home appliances.
Represents suppliers, distributors, retailers, program groups, manufacturers' representatives, trade publications, educators and vendors in all segments of the automotive aftermarket industry.
A North American association focused on continuously improving business processes and practices in the automotive supply chain by achieving consensus through multi-company teamwork.
An association of over 2000 member companies that rebuild automotive related parts, such as starters, alternators, clutches, transmissions, brakes, drive shafts, and numerous other parts for passenger cars, trucks, off-road, equipment and industrial uses.
Dedicated to furthering the scientific understanding of bromine products.
A non-profit trade association of quarriers, fabricators, dealers, importers, exporters, installers, carvers and restorers of all types of natural stone.
Organization of cement producers that undertakes basic research relating to pollution control strategies relating primarily for the cement industry.
Association representing the interests of the resilient flooring industry in ensuring the maintenance of high ethical standard within the industry.
Offers process-specific information, provides statistical, training, educational and technical services; and serves as a common voice on legislative and regulatory issues on behalf of the metal forging community in North America.
Your online source for lighting and lamps.
A non-profit trade association for pump manufacturers and suppliers. Also, a standards development organization that has been creating pump standards since 1917.