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Directory of suppliers providing adhesives, applicators, adhesive dispensers, expoxies, heat sealing, sealants, resins and adhesive coatings to the industrial market.
Search engine to locate sources of adhesive products and services among a detailed listing of U.S. Manufacturers and Regional Suppliers.
A search engine to locate an adhesive to meet specific requirements. Registration is needed to display results.
Search engines and link pages specialized in pest control and environmental management associations and resources as well as distributors, news, training and products.
Contains more than 80.000 product names and 3.000 adresses of suppliers. Search by product name or search by CAS registry number.
A searchable database containing 22681 manufacturers and 53087 products. Also offers trade in chemicals. Chemical and manufacturing directory, discussion boards, trade shows, and news.
The database for the chemical industry. Search in over 20,000 products, 2,000 companies, brands, EINECS or CAS-numbers, and detailled company information.
Directories of chemical manufacturers and traders for Australia and New Zealand and chemical manufacturers for the Asia Pacific region.
World chemical information and business leads directory.
Company research and business information tool for the chemical industry.
The Alliance of Chemical Information Net is a specialized website in the realms of chemical markets, technology and commerce, and also serves as a platform of communication and cooperation for the global chemical industries.
A portal which guides you through the world of chemical industry.
Chemical products distribution service. All chemicals available for immediate secure service shipment. Chemical news and hourly updates.
Australia's chemical industry, its markets, organisations, regulations and other information to help you do business with this part of the world. Provided by ACTED Consultants.
Directory of industrial chemicals and chemical products including induced and forced air coolers, halogenated compounds, distilling equipment, and foundry resins.
Includes chemicals, chemical companies, engineering, and process equipment. Search tool for products, services, and information.
The Chemical Portal - Database of companies. USA.
Directory and supplier listings for petrochemicals, oils, solvents, gas and raw materials. Chemical supplier database allows for searching by product or company and within a specific country.
Provides free access to a database of chemicals and companies of China and other Asian countries, with a trading message board and newsletter.
The Directories Division produces information in a variety of formats to suit the needs of information users in 9 business sectors in the UK and internationally.