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Wachovia Online Banking

Internet has become a substantial part of our lives, therefore there is nothing surprising about the fact that almost every reputable financial institution offers internet banking services to its account holders. The more the assortment, the harder it is to make a right choice of an institution to bank with. Online banking study conducted by ComScore some time ago revealed that Wachovia online banking is one of the best internet banking platforms out there. Internet banking facility offered by the Wachovia bank (headquartered in Charlotte) landed in the top five financial institutions operating on the territory of the United States of America.

Most significant factors that affected the rankings were the facilities availed by the internet banking platform as well as the quality of provided tools, products and services. Wachovia Online Banking has numerous benefits, such as a completely user-friendly interface with a convenient layout. To log in a system an account holder just has to provide his/her username and password. If you have multiple accounts with Wachovia bank, then you will able to view and manage them in one place without logging in every time you need to switch. There is also a combined summary of all your checking, savings, credit cards and other accounts available though Wachovia Online Banking.

Such a combined summary gives you a precise image of your spending and earning making it a valuable tool in managing finances. A customer of Wachovia Online Banking can view details of transactions, payments, withdrawals, deposits, cleared checks with history kept for 90 days. Bank statements are also available online though the Wachovia Online Banking and can be downloaded to your PC. Images of cleared checks are also kept in the system and can be printed out any time you need checks’ details.

Wachovia online banking facilitates lives of its customers offering them an efficient Bill Payment service. You should just put the details of an upcoming payment and it will be proceeded automatically within couple minutes. To make sure that the payment is effected successfully, you can also track your bills online.

Online Brokerage services included into Wachovia Online Banking package allows you to launch an investment account. You can get research reports and stock quotes in real time to earn money on trading stocks. Funds held on your checking or savings account can be easily transferred to your investment account though the online route.

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