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Exclusive Mortgage Leads

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Whether you are seeking a new home loan or a refinance, the primary step is to submit mortgage leads to a mortgage company or a financial institution for the purpose of processing the loan. A mortgage lead is generally a filled out request for loan, and it contains all relevant information such as personal details of the applicant, date of application, loan amount, nature of the property owned, and applicant’s annual and credit report. Mostly, lead companies sell these leads to two to five different brokers.

When these leads are sent or sold to only one broker or lender, they are known as exclusive mortgage leads. On selling these leads, the lead company usually removes them from its database. In other words, if debt consolidation loan, home equity loan, new home purchase loan, or refinance are on an exclusive basis, those leads can be purchased by only one salesperson.

Hence, exclusive mortgage leads are effective for mortgage brokers and lenders to strengthen their business, as they provide opportunities for them to be the only source to contact the potential consumer, thereby avoiding competition. Advantages also include real time delivery, proven closure rates, and multiple lead filters. However, exclusive mortgage leads are expensive, since there is no guarantee of closing the sale. The cost generally ranges from $20 to $30 per name.

Today, a countless number of mortgage lead companies are there to provide exclusive mortgage leads at competitive rates. Most of them render exclusive mortgage leads for low charges, and some claim no additional charges for adding mortgage lead filters. Nowadays, exclusive Internet mortgage leads which can be purchased online are also becoming popular.

In today’s market you need good quality mortgage leads. The kind of lead that will bring you the type of client that lenders in today’s mortgage industry are willing to work with. If you are looking for fresh leads with the type of LTV and credit scores that will allow for you to close deals than look no further. With Global Data Mining you can view the leads in the entirety and cherry pick only the leads you know you can work with as you go.

Global Data Mining is a mortgage prospecting company and premium supplier of fresh exclusive mortgage leads. It also provides insurance leads, credit repair leads and foreclosure leads.

If you are a mortgage company, Global Data Mining will provide you with a high volume of fresh leads at an average price two times lower than other on-line mortgage lead stores, and a closing ratio five times higher than bulk ‘three times sold” leads from lead brokers. For busy loan officers and one-man-shop companies, Global Data Mining provides a unique choice of fresh exclusive leads that you can browse and pick online.

If you are a credit advisor or foreclosure loss mitigation specialist, you’ll find no other company with leads system as transparent as Global Data Mining’s.

Global Data Mining owns a network of mortgage and finance marketing sites and implements the most advanced technology available to maintain the reliability and quality of lead flow. This network provides hundreds of leads per day with the highest of quality as every incoming application is filled out by the motivated customer only.

The staff is trained on mortgage origination and is well versed in the mortgage and banking industry, that’s why Global Data Mining implemented the automated discounting process, ensuring that every lead is priced according to its real value. If Global Data Mining generates too many leads, or the customers dislike a particular price, the system reduces the lead price automatically until all leads are sold. Keep watching its leads and get the ones you like at the price you like.

It is Global Data Mining’s pleasure to be your #1 source for internet mortgage, credit repair and foreclosure leads and Global Data Mining is positive that you will become one of the many companies that thank it for helping them to succeed.

Before purchasing an exclusive mortgage lead from a mortgage lead company, it is vital to consider certain things. Check the legitimacy of the exclusive lead offered by the company. Additionally, the company chosen must be able to replace the information provided, in the event of it being duplicate, incomplete, or wrong.