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Family Law Attorneys in San Jose CA

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

A family law attorney can help any family with the various problems that arise throughout the lifetime of a family. Those problems can be divorce, child custody, child support, child visitation, domestic violence, marital assets, spousal support, restraining orders and much more.

A divorce is not legal unless it is certified by the court and in some jurisdictions of the country, one party or the other must prove fault in the divorce case. A family law attorney can help with divorce proceedings. Going through a divorce can be physically and emotionally draining for everyone involved, including the children, if there are any.

Divorce involves more than just the division of debt and the distribution of property between the two people involved. Divorce also involves deciding on child custody, visitation rights, child support and spousal support. All of this can be done with the help of a family law attorney. The lawyer will be able to help his or her client in regards to what decisions need to be made.

Child custody is one of the most disheartening battles during a divorce because the husband and wife will use different methods of making the other look unfit to care for the children. Many people make up stories of physical and emotional abuse to tell the judge in a child custody battle. This is when a lawyer would be needed. A lawyer can help the person being accused of these horrible actions get through the allegations and present their case in an appropriate manner.

Child and spousal support are not one in the same. Child support is payments that must be made by one half of the couple in a divorce case to the other half of the couple. Child support is to be used for the child’s education, clothing, food, school supplies, medical bills for the child and any other necessities that the child needs to live by. Spousal support on the other hand is payments made to one spouse by the other after a divorce case has been completed. Spousal support goes towards medical bills, legal bills, food, clothing, transportation needs and much more.

In San Jose CA, the Law Office of Daniel Jensen can help you fairly and justly resolve custody arrangements. And, when you need a modification of your parenting time and visitation arrangements, the attorneys at the firm will work with to find a solution that best serves all parties.

The Law Office of Daniel Jensen has represented people throughout the Silicon Valley, Santa Clara, and Alameda Counties for more than 20 years – finding practical solutions to the complex problems arising in family disputes – providing personal attention and service. The firm maintains a specialized San Jose family law practice with highly-skilled, compassionate attorneys who guide you through the emotionally-charged issues in family law, including

* Marriage
* Divorce
* Nullity and legal separation
* Domestic partnerships
* Spousal abuse
* Child abuse
* Child abduction
* Spousal support
* Child support
* Child custody and visitation
* Property settlement
* Move aways
* Paternity
* Mediation
* Pre-marital agreements
* Restraining orders
* Contempt
* more…

Regardless of the issue you are facing, the Law Office of Daniel Jensen will design a strategy for your case and handle the matter with caring, personalized attention. The Law Office of Daniel Jensen will not charge you for the initial consultation. Contact the San Jose Family Law Office of Daniel Jensen to ensure your legal rights are protected.