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Tips for Succeeding in Word-of-Mouth Marketing

December 20th, 2013 9:02 am

Getting people to talk about your brand can do wonders for your business. A word of mouth recommendation isn’t only simple, it’s also free. Read ahead to know about getting people to spread the word about your company on a daily basis through word-of-mouth marketing:

Networking. It is very important to build a good network of business contacts. Join your local chamber of commerce and attend events frequently, giving a business card or two to everyone you speak with. Be sure that you have a good elevator pitch about what your business does, but don’t get too sales-y—making a new connection is the important part; you can always follow up later to talk business. You might also consider joining a group that’s specifically targeted at building referrals, e.g. BNI.

Have a great customer service. Customer service should be a prime concern for any business owner, but when it comes to building referrals, you’ll want to go above and beyond what’s necessary. For instance, if you own a restaurant and a customer comes in requesting a gluten-free menu option, don’t just tell her to get a salad — talk her through the entire menu, discussing the ways you can customize each item to suit her needs. She’ll likely be so impressed by your concern that she’ll recommend your business to all of her friends.

Be direct. When a business contact asks if there’s anything she can help you out with, don’t be afraid to ask for a referral. And be specific: If you’re a real estate agent and are looking to sign with clients who want to sell homes worth between $400,000 and $600,000 in the Chicago metropolitan area, give her the full rundown so no one wastes time on off-base referrals.

Pay your customers to tell their friends about you. Consider offering a specialized incentive program for existing customers: For example, if you own a hair salon, give your existing customers 10 percent off their next cut when they send a new customer your way. The upfront cost for a new customer may seem steep, but consider how much you’d otherwise spend on advertising with no guaranteed return on investment. You’ll also find that word-of-mouth marketing nets better customers: A study focusing on the referral program of a German bank found that referred customers are more profitable and more loyal than customers acquired through other means.

Do as many favors as you can. When it comes to your contacts, focus more on what you can do to help them than on how they can help you. Be generous with introductions and advice, and even consider joining nonprofit boards for causes that are important to your business associates. Forget about an immediate expectation of quid pro quo. Simply focus on being as helpful as possible, and you’re likely to see your efforts pay dividends in the form of referrals in the long run.

Hring a Good Translation Service

September 25th, 2013 7:03 am

Hiring a good translation service is a key business decision for large and small businesses. Private customers who need translation services will also benefit from taking the time to ensure a good translation service is found and used. For businesses with overseas interests, translation services can make or break important business deals, advertising or marketing campaigns and more. For businesses and private individuals, using the services of a professional translator can save money and time. Using a poor translation service can have a devastating and long-lasting effect on your business or private financial interests, therefore finding and using a good translation service has become imperative.

First and foremost, translators and translation services should be able to provide the businesses that hire them with correct, neat and precise files and/or documents that are translated as requested. Hiring a translation agency that employs individuals who are linguistic specialists in the desired language helps businesses to ensure the translations they need will be most successful. To achieve this type of outcome, businesses should seek out those translation agencies that hire individuals who translate in their native language, comprehend various cultural influences and are qualified in the field.

The act of translating documents from one language to another is not an easy process. In fact, translation agencies often utilize multiple translators on one single project, which highlights the great need for the agency to employ a number of skilled translators who can work together to ensure your finished product is a success. It is also of vital importance that the translation agency a business opts to utilize be able to work in several languages. Additionally, it is also wise to look into the past performance of the translation agency you are considering by conducting research on their website, reading customer reviews and verifying credentials.

Because of the high level of importance of the different projects these businesses are working on, it might be wise to actually choose the translator and/or translation service based on which ones can best complete the current mission for the company. For example, translation agencies have a number of specialists in a variety of areas, such as insurance, engineering, shipping, law, commerce and water management. Hence, businesses are best served if they seek out translators and/or translation agencies that are tailed to their specific needs.